The Golden Plains ARTS TRAIL is back at Clyde Park

on Sunday the 26th of March 2017


Like every year in March, the Golden Plains ARTS TRAIL makes the works &  hearts of artists and makers from all across the Golden Plains Shire accessible to visitors and all art-lovers and allows you the intimate peak behind the pictures into their inspirations and practices. Explore, admire and get inspired by the dynamic mix of mediums, messages and hidden of the Golden Plains, get to know the artists and widen your eyes as you experience the amazing artworks and vast creative spectrum our area, people and community have to offer. So don’t miss this key date on the region’s arts and culture calendar…

Free for visitors, the event has been running since 2008 and is an exciting collaboration between artists, Council, community and local businesses.

Clyde Park will host the works  of the 2 Lethbridge artists Dolly & David Nurzinski. Dolly is specializing in Design, Digital Illustration and Painting inspired by people, love, nature and life’s processes of integration and disintegration and David is a talented woodcrafter and musician.

Enjoy the collaboration of arts at Clyde Park, with a delicious culinary piece and some grape-art (you could say) out of our Vineyard and Bistro along with some amazing acoustic music by Tayla & Tom on Sunday the 26th of March 2017.

painting 1

Guitar Cutting Boards

7 With you

Artist Drawers_resize

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